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    Impressed Current Anodes

    Product Selection Guide EDI designs and builds custom anodes to fulfill special requirements. In addition, we offer standard designs of probe, low profile and distributed anodes as listed below.

    AT Linear Anode Group

    AT Linear Anode System is a linear distributed anode system consisting of a Pt or MMO anode wire periodically connected to a larger bus wire. It is modular in design with a unique connector system that permits easy field installation in any desired configuration.

    Primary applications include beneath aboveground storage tanks or alongside pipelines. It can also be used in other underground and aqueous applications where a linear distributed anode is required.

    Typical Application:

  • Above ground storage tank bottoms, pipelines, marine structures

  • Features and Characteristics

  • Design flexibility - modular design permits multitude of anode configurations
  • Rapid installation - no field splices or weldments
  • Light weight - very easy to ship and handle

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