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    Gradient Control Mat (GCM) Overview

    Personnel working near pipelines can be subject to electrical hazards such as touch and step voltages caused by lightning, AC fault current/voltage, and steady-state AC induction. "Ground mats" have typically been used at above ground pipeline structures where these hazards exist, but past designs do not provide adequate protection against lightning conditions.

    The DEI Gradient Control Mat (GCM) addresses lightning and AC fault current conditions. Step and touch potentials are now limited with the DEI grid-type mat, in a much lower cost design.

    DEI also recommends DC decoupling of the gradient control mats from the structure to improve CP on the pipeline.

    Features and Characteristics
  • Low cost design
  • Galvanized steel grid, using 3" x 3" squares
  • The low inductance design limits step and touch potentials due to lightning
  • DC Decoupling the mat from the structure offers long life and improved CP on the pipeline
  • Data is available, upon request, on design life and supplemental anodes.
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