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    Roskote R28 Mastic is a cold applied rubberized coating with high electrical resistivity designed to protect underground steel pipes, tanks and structural steel.

    Roskote A51+ Mastic is a cold applied elastomeric coating for above or below ground protection. Excellent against corrosion in soils saturated with oil and gasoline and above ground against severely corrosive fumes, moisture and salt.

    Royston Thick N' Quick Mastic is a cold-applied hydrocarbon resin base coating for underground protection of all fabricated and structural steel. Premier grade mastic that provides better resistance to water penetration than conventional mastics.

    Roskote 201 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating is a cold-applied, 2 component, polyamide cured, coal tar epoxy for above and below ground protection in severely corrosive environments. Chemical cross linking forms a tough adhesion resistant coating able to withstand physical damage, impact, temperature variations and underground soil stresses.

    Roskote 216 Quick Cure is a 2 component, zero VOC coating to protect all fabricated and structural steel. It provides excellent adhesion, toughness and dries rapidly. Packaged in 8 oz. pouches to minimize waste, Roskote 216 has a 10-minute life pot.

    Royston Wet Set B-822 is a 2 component polyamide cured epoxy formulated for use on wet, submerged or splash zone surfaces. Adheres to dry or wet metal, concrete or wood surfaces in thick films on vertical surfaces without running or sagging to resist adhesion, salt water, fuels, solvents, salts and dilute acids.


    Royston Protective Coating is a single component clear polyurethane conformal coating packaged in aerosol cans. RPC forms a tough film which protects against humidity and surface - borne contaminants. RPC is excellent for sealing printed circuit ansemblies, test station boards and rectifier panels.

    Royston SpliceRight is designed to insulate, waterproof, and protect low-voltage electrical connections. Its tacky elastomeric compound completely seals and waterproofs the connector area. This is then covered with a resin impregnated, moisture cured fabric which, when dry, provides a mechanical protection for the sealant.

    Royston Mini SpliceRight is designed to protect plastic pipe trace wire splices. It consists of a black elastomeric putty to encapsulate the wire nut, and a 2 part epoxy armor to mechanically protect the putty.

    Royston PatchRight is a sealing system designed for quick and permanent repair of leaking, low-pressure steel gas lines with a maximum pressure of 3 PSI. Each kit contains butyl rubber patch, a flexible neoprene tape, and a resin impregnated fabric. PatchRight maintains outstanding electrical resistance and physical properties without deterioration over time or exposure to corrosive underground environments.

    Royfill Cold-Injected Casing Filler is a petroleum-based compound blended with corrosion inhibitors used to fill the annular space between the pipe and the surrouding casing. It corrects electrolyte shorts. Typical applications include cased pipelines that cross highways and railways that must be electrically insulated.

    Royston Handy Cap IP & XL IP are primer-less prefabricated assemblies designed for the cathodic protection of leads to pipes and tanks. When manually pressed into position over the anode lead wire weld, it forms a thick, highly resistant electrical insulating seal over the weld, the end of the leadwire, and the surrounding area of pipe or tank.


    Royston One Step Tape is a cold-applied wrap for above or below ground that REQUIRES NO PRIMER. 35 mil tape in 75' rolls that produces excellent test results in all cathodic disbondment tests. It forms an aggressive adhesion bond and adheres to its own backing.

    Royston Greenline Tape is a cold-applied tape for wrapping joints, valves and fittings below ground.

    Royston Mastic Tape is a heavily bodied, 100% solids, non-drying, cold applied mastic impregnated felt tape for underground pipe application. Applies easily to irregular shapes on both wet and dry surfaces. Requires NO PRIMER and contains ZERO VOC's.

    CP Tan 55 mil cold-applied tape is designed for above or below ground usage to protect both fabricated and structural steel. Exceptional resistance to UV radiation. Designed to be used with Royston 747 Primer.

    Royston Unbacked Elastomer Tapes (Tac-Tape) is a soft, tacky, moldable synthetic elastomer tape with high electrical resistivity and exceptional adhesive and cohesive properties. Available in two compounds; Tac-Tape A with a moderate degree of tack and moldability, and Tac-Tape C with a high degree of tack and pliability. Useful for filling irregular contours around seams and fittings, for insulating splices, and as a sound deadener or vibration dampener

    Royston Glas-Wrap is an open-weave fiberglass mesh used to reinforce Royston cold-applied mastics to protect against mechanical abrasion. Ideal for underground protection of welded joints of mill coated pipe and for patching damaged areas of coated pipe.

    Royston Greenline 1436 Tape is a cold-applied laminated tape designed for superior strength, toughness and impact and adhesion resistance for wrapping steel pipes, joints and fittings. This 50 mil tape is designed to be used with Royston 747 Primer.
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